Land Development and Business

South Westminster is designated a revitalization area, with a significant section being designated for Urban Renewal consideration. Significant portions of the neighborhood also are located within the Adams County State Enterprise Zone and the City's Brownfields Revitalization Area. Accordingly, businesses and developers can readily take advantage of a variety of regulatory, tax, and financial incentives such as:

  • Tax increment financing;
  • Community Development Block Grant funds;
  • Development related fees and use tax concessions;
  • Flexibility in the application of regulatory requirements;
  • City-financed installation of public infrastructure;
  • Low-interest loans; and,
  • Tax credit programs

The Westminster Economic Development Authority (WEDA) was created in 1987 to pursue redevelopment and revitalization efforts within South Westminster. WEDA has the authority to condemn property for development purposes in accordance with urban renewal statutes of the State of Colorado. Being the City of Westminster's designated urban renewal agency, the Authority is further entitled to collect and allocate tax increment to financially support new development projects.